About Our Firm

Expat Global Tax is a premier full service tax firm with a singular focus of working with Americans living abroad in helping them file the US tax returns. Our offices are conveniently located in the US and the Middle East (Dubai) from which we provide tax preparation services to Americans living globally. Our team which is based in both the US and Dubai consists of highly qualified CPA’s and EA’s with experience of working for a number of years at big 4 accounting firms previously around multiple locations globally.

We will ensure your tax situation is fully optimized and that you are able to benefit from all exlusions and deductions available to you to reduce your overall tax liability.


The number one challenge facing U.S. expatriates today is the urgent need to ensure they are in full compliance with the ever changing U.S. tax laws and the aggressive enforcement of such new tax laws by the IRS and US Government. When we see tax returns, we don’t just see numbers but the individuals behind them. Our clients work very hard at what they do and our job is to make sure that they are able to save every tax dollar possible.

With our experience of working with many Americans living abroad, we are fully aware of different situations being faced by American expats and can provide solutions and options to deal with all situations. We provide top quality service to our clients and are always available for a discussion with our clients to discuss their unique tax situation and advise accordingly.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly qualified CPA’s and EA’s with over 40 years of combined experience in the area of US expat taxation. We will be sure to match you with the right team member based on your specific situation.

Mohammad A. K. Khan, cpa

Mohammad is a CPA from the US with over 10 years experience of US Expat Tax Filing. Mohammad has lived and worked in 3 different countries including working for Big 4 accounting firms and currently is based in the UAE.

Gary Johnson , EA

Gary is an EA and has over 15 years US Expat Tax filing experience. Gary has previously worked at multi-national accounting firms and expert is all matters related to expat taxes.

Haseeb zakaria, cpa
Expat & Inpat Tax Specialist

Haseeb is a CPA from Texas with over 10 years experience. Haseeb started his career working with local tax filing firms and has since worked with multi national companies. Haseeb specializes in expat as well as inpat tax filing.

Expat Tax Specialist

Alex is an EA with over 8 years experience of US Expat Tax Filing. Ali has worked in two different countries and have advised individuals as well as business owners with their tax filing obligations while living abroad.